Friday, September 23, 2011

Four Ways Friday Will Be Back When We Get Back From Our Walk :)

Hi!  My name is Buddy!  I know you stopped by today expecting to see this week's Four Ways Friday.  However, I had something else in mind.  I sat outside on the porch and gave my mom this look - you know the one.  The "don't you want to skip doing Four Ways Friday right now and come and take your adorable best friend for a nice long walk?!" look.  Well, she found me irresistible (as always), so we are off on a long walk.  My mom says she still plans to get Four Ways Friday done today...I'm not so sure since I can give her this same look when we get back home - the look that says, "Don't you want to come inside and help me chew on and play with my favorite toys?!".  But she says she is going to try to resist me later today and get Four Ways Friday done.  If she doesn't get it posted today, I know she'll get it posted no later than tomorrow.  After all, at some point I will want to curl up and take a nap and then she'll have nothing else to do other than to work on her cards for you :)  Please don't be upset with her.  After all - this is definitely a face you cannot resist! :)

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