Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Embossing Folder Kiss Technique & Video!!!!!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Try Unlikely Combinations!
Acorn squash, maple syrup, red pepper flakes and arugula on a pizza crust????  Really????!!!!  If you had told me how delicious that combination would be I would have told you you were nuts!  Yet, after making and eating just such a combination, I was amazed at how yummy it was!!!!!  I get surprised in similar ways in the craft room!  Sometimes the combinations definitely need work.  At other times, the pairing of unlikely companions seems to work out just great!  It is such an unlikely combination that led me to today's technique and video!  I had been playing around with the traditional "kissing" technique where you "kiss" or touch together two stamps (both can be inked or one can be inked and one uninked) and then you stamp the inked stamp onto card stock.  I thought, "hmmm, if you can kiss a stamp to a stamp, how about kissing a stamp to an embossing folder?"  And so we have the embossing folder kiss technique :)  What unlikely combinations can you play with in the craft room...or the kitchen????
Here is a video to show you the embossing folder kiss technique and how I made today's card.  Enjoy!

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