Thursday, November 17, 2011

Metal Tape & Canvas ART Sign

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Say Thank You To Your Mistakes!
I have been working on this piece of art for quite a bit of time now.  It started with the central art sign - using hardware tape, tile tape, Serif Essentials chipboard letters, brass embellishments, metal working tools and some paint.  I then decided that this piece needed a home and figured a canvas would be just the place!  So I began painting the canvas.  It started with black gesso and then I began adding some silver hardware tape and copper tape...and then came the paint...and stencils...and more stencils...and metal embellishments...and more paint...until I got to a point where I was very stuck!  One moment I felt the canvas was too dark.  The next minute I felt it was too metallic.  Then it was too "obvious" in terms of the circle shapes from the stencils.  So I kept going and going and going and finally took out a tube of gold leaf wax and thought that a touch of it would look nice.  I put some on my finger and went to slide my finger across the canvas and BLOP!  A rather large area - definitely unlike what I had been trying to do - spread itself out before my eyes on my canvas!  Ugh!!!!  Now what?!  I was about to panic - what an ugly mistake!  And then I decided to go with it and follow where the mistake was taking me.  So, just to show the Universe I was on board for the journey, I put a bit more of the wax on my finger and brazenly did the exact same thing again...and again!  And as I kept swiping my finger, the canvas began to transform in ways I hadn't even imagined (nor could I have done had I been deliberate in my actions).  Say a big "THANK YOU" to your mistakes!  They may lead you to places where you never would have gone if it weren't for the happy "oops!"

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