Monday, February 27, 2012

Circle Circus Tile Magnets

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Listen To The Sounds Of Nature
Have you ever heard the sound of earthworms moving through the leaves at night?  Or the hoo-hoo-hooing of an owl in a tree overhead?  Or the rustle of branches as the wind passes through?  When was the last time you heard these sounds?  For so many of us, the sounds in our life include the whirring of electronics, the roar of traffic, the sound of music from the computer/ipod, voices talking at us from the television screen.  There is something about the sounds of nature that moves right past my brain and right into my being.  Something deep within me feels at home with the noises of nature, even when those noises seem odd or even threatening (the screeching of an owl in a tree the other night sounded like a chicken being tortured!).  When I am inside for too long, I miss the sounds of the nature around me.  I long for a walk, or just a moment outdoors, to reconnect.  There is just something about those sounds...
For today's project I used the Circle Circus stamp set with some Jet Black Staz-On ink to create these graphic tile magnets!  I created a video on how to use your Crystal Effects to create these quick & easy magnets - you can find the video in the list of videos on the left-hand side of my blog.  Stamp, coat, and attach your magnets and this gift is good to go (you also need to add in some drying time...preferably a couple of days just to be safe)!  I hope you like them :)

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