Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Designer Series Paper Glass Gem Magnets

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  I Have To Smile When My Actions Turn Into The Ridiculous
Okay...I'm going to admit it.  I was sitting here today with my laptop, went to google and actually typed into the search box "how to stop surfing the internet!"  The minute I did it I actually laughed out loud!  Oh the irony!  The search led me to an article about a guy who was so addicted to the internet he was spending 16 hours a day on-line and becoming incredibly depressed.  16 hours a day!  I can't even imagine spending that much time on my computer.  But that doesn't mean that the time I do spend on the computer doesn't feel overly excessive or unproductive to me!  Do I dare admit what I check when I get online?  Okay, here goes....there are a few sites where I take a quick look at news or get my daily affirmation from Louise Hay.  But where I often find myself heading is to my own blog and my own YouTube channel.  There, I said it.  But why am I going there?  What am I looking for?  I look to see if anyone has left a comment or if someone new has subscribed to my channel or blog.  The real question I need to be asking myself is why I feel the need to check as often as I do?  Maybe at some level I'm trying to figure out if I am making a difference.  In some of the work I do I am able to see the impact of what I am doing pretty immediately.  However, when I place a post on a blog or upload a video on a website, it is difficult to figure out if you are having any impact.  I guess like any other human being, I want to know that I am making a difference - have confirmation or validation of that.  Maybe I need to shift my focus and realize that just by following my heart I am making a difference in my life and the lives of others - whether or not I see a comment or a new subscriber.  That by being true to what I feel I am here to do I am providing myself with all the confirmation I need.  Of course, another explanation is that I'm just procrastinating....but that's an issue for another day (oh the irony!) :)
For today's project I used the Flirtatious designer series paper to make these quick & easy magnets!  Here is a video to show you how!

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QuilterLaura said...

Wow, so incredibly easy, why haven't I done this before? They are very cute, so much nicer than a plain magnet. Thx!