Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Out On A Whim Wednesday: Compost Collage

Today's Question From The Craft Room:  Where Is The Beauty Around You?
We have a double sink in the kitchen.  In the left-hand side of the sink we keep a stainless steel bowl.  Whenever we have vegetable scrapings, coffee grounds, tea bags, even used napkins, they find their way into the stainless steel bowl.  It is our compost bowl.  Every day we walk the bowl out to the backyard and place the contents into one of our compost bins.  We began composting a few years ago and now it is one of my favorite things!  To watch what would have otherwise been put in a garbage can and eventually into a landfill actually turn into rich dark earth is an amazing thing!  Every year in the Spring we use our amazingly rich compost dirt to add soil to our vegetable garden and the process begins all over again.  It really is the circle of life...right in our own backyard!
On this particular day, as I went to grab the compost bowl out of the sink, the contents struck me as being amazingly beautiful!  I had to grab my camera and take a picture of the collage that was staring up at me!  Yes, you are looking at my compost bowl - coffee grounds, the base of bok choy, water and all :)  And what I see is beauty :)  Where is the beauty around you?
If you're interested, here is a quick video of what the compost looks like after it has been left to sit over the winter months...

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Lorraine said...

I bet you could stamp a beautiful rose out of that bok choy.