Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mirror Image Stamping With Freezer Paper - A Video!!!!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Learn To Trust Your Intuition
I was chatting with a few of the participants in one of my training classes the other day and one of the women was talking about how many strawberries her young son eats.  She usually buys a very large carton of the organic berries at one of the warehouse stores in her neighborhood and he can go through 2 cartons in a week!  That's a lot of berries!  Lately though, the store has stopped carrying organic berries and instead has been selling conventional ones.  She said she was concerned about it since her son eats so many.  She didn't know whether or not the pesticides could have a negative effect on her young son.  So, she decided to call her pediatrician and ask her advice.  The pediatrician's response was, "I have two young children and I feed them conventional berries."  So, the woman bought the berries.  During our conversation, there was a guy in the class who was listening in and he interjected that he does everything he can to buy organic or to grow his own fruits and veggies in his backyard.  He said that while his job requires him to use and trust a lot of numbers and data, he has also learned that numbers and data can be used to support almost any conclusion!  Therefore, he's decided he needs to trust his intuition more when it comes to making decisions in his life.  For him, the choice between whether to consume food that has been treated with pesticides v. food that has not is not about numbers and data - it is about intuition.  For him, pesticides and eating just don't seem to go together.  I happen to agree.  I do my best to find organic options and we do our best to grow what we can in our own backyard so we can have control over how it is grown.  In a world full of numbers, data, and research remember, you have your intuition.  You just need to trust it.
I'm not sure if you've ever run into this issue, but there are times when I just wish my stamps faced the other way!  Maybe I want to take a bird stamp and have the bird facing to the left...but unfortunately the stamp only stamps the bird facing to the right.  Well, today I decided to put my mind to trying to solve the problem and I came up with a "fix" that works for me!  I was able to stamp the wings for the heart in the above card in both directions with a bit of intuition and some help from freezer paper :)  Here is a video to show you how:


Lorraine said...

Great tutorial and hints. I never thought to use freezer paper for this. I bought one of those reverse image stamps and never could get it to work. This is much simpler and the results look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I bought a reverse image stamp and haven't tried it, yet. I'll bet the freezer paper works better, just as Lorraine said!! Ah, well. Your card is lovely, and your video is wonderfully instructive, as usual!! --Doris