Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Papercrafter's Library April Design Team Projects - Part 2

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Find Inspiration And Insight In The Words Of Others
I have been enjoying a wonderful book about the life of Georgia O'Keeffe entitled Portrait Of An Artist by Laurie Lisle.  I stopped in my tracks (figuratively of course...I was not walking and reading at the same time) when I came across a quote by O'Keeffe.  She was talking about all the things she did in her life, in addition to her painting - you know, the daily things like taking the dog to the vet, spending a day with a friend, doing the shopping for your home.  She then said, "The painting is like a thread that runs through all the reasons for all the other things that make one's life."  For her, her art was the thing that kept her going - kept her doing those things that she didn't really want to do, but felt she needed to do in order to be able to live the painting life that she wanted to lead.  And yes, that stopped me dead in my tracks.  Because it resonated with me - it gave me insight into my own life.  The feeling that everything I do I do to enable me to have time to create and explore the art that lives inside of me.
Today I am sharing the second project I created for Papercrafter's Library for my April Design Team projects.  Since I am so inspired by the words of other women, I decided to make a mini book out of altered CDs to capture some of those words that inspire me.  Here is the inside of the book:
What words inspire you?  How might you incorporate them into your next creation?

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