Thursday, June 21, 2012

Elements Of Style Mini Book

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  A Storage Container Is Not The Answer To All Of My Problems!
After visiting my cousin last week and seeing her amazingly organized craft space (take a look at these pics of one of the closets in her craft room)

I cannot look at my own craft space with the same eyes.  Instead, I want my space to magically organize itself to look like her gorgeous closet.  So instead of cleaning up the mess on my craft table and the piles that are growing on the floors of my craft room (which, of course, must be due to tectonic plate shifts that are taking place beneath the subfloor of my craft room), I found myself on-line searching for paper storage units.  This was no lighthearted search mind you.  This was a search akin to the hunt for the Holy Grail!  Oh, if I could just find the perfect paper storage unit (which, I discovered, is also referred to as a mail sorter or a literature organizer...depending on where your search for the Holy Grail takes you).  I spent about 20 minutes on my quest until my logical, rational, parental side of my brain kicked in and said, "A storage container is not the answer to all of your problems!"  I hate it when that voice talks sense!  But, I had to listen.  Because deep down inside I know that a literature sorter is not the fix for all that ails me.  It is just a distraction from actually dealing with what ails me.  So, like any true artist, I decided to take myself and my ailment and head back into the mess of a craft room to create :)  This little booklet is what came out - a booklet to remind me that life is a matter of moments.  Moments of questing for the Holy Grail.  Moments of truth that a $70 purchase won't fix my life.  Moments of recognizing that me and my craft room mess can still collaborate and create some pretty special adventures all of our own :)


Kym said...

HA-Michelle, I loved this post. My room sounds just like yours. Every weekend I try to force myself to clear everything out and organize those piles that are closing in on me.

However, most times I simply clean an area on my table just big enough to create a project and leave the fallout until the next time.


Kym said...

BTW-Love the mini book!! (sorry, meant to say that the first time).


Lorraine said...

Hmmm, now you've got me interested in mail sorters because if you could see the condition of my craft room right now - oy! I needed a box on Saturday to carry cupcakes to a shower and literally just dumped the contents of my latest SU order on the floor and there it all sits and will stay there until the heat breaks. Love the mini book!

Brenda said...

Great post Michelle! And that closet only seems organized because there are labels for each color...the top two sorters look fine, but the bottom one is the left over mess of "I don't know where to put them" colors! I envy that you take the time to create almost every day...and I love the little mini book. I love my little telephone book too!:)