Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Out On A Whim Wednesday: Water For The Bees!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Build It And They Will Come!
Record heat seems to be plaguing quite a bit of the United States this Summer.  It's not just the humans that feel the impact of the heat - Nature is feeling her share too.  The birds and bees are on the lookout for water in these conditions.  So, we went out on a whim, and decided to see if we could construct a few more watering holes for them :)  We already have a few birdbaths and originally thought this newest addition would provide more water for the birds.  What we hadn't thought about was that the bees need the water as much as the birds do and this bath has turned into the popular place for the bees to come and gather water for their hive!  We put this birdbath together quickly - we placed a pot upside down, placed a large pottery dish on top and then added some water and a few river stones!  The bees seem to really appreciate the rocks and the shallow sides of the dish.  The dry sides and the stones give them a safe place to land and hang out while they drink in the water - otherwise they would risk drowning.  Watching the bees and all of their water gathering efforts has led us to do some research - reading parts of the book The ABC's and XYZ's of Bees - which is an amazing encyclopedia about all things bees! :)  We figure if we keep taking care of the bees, they'll keep taking care of our garden :)


Lorraine said...

Great idea!

Unknown said...

Not to mention that it gives the birds and bees a lovely little garden spot to take a rest. It's great looking and a great idea.