Friday, November 09, 2012

Fowl Friday :)

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Go Get A Mammogram!!!!!
I just received word from an incredibly close friend of mine that she has been diagnosed with early stage breast cancer.  She found out last week and is undergoing a lumpectomy tomorrow.  She was not due for a mammogram and had not felt any lumps, but something inside of her was telling her to go and get a mammogram.  I am so grateful that she listened to that little voice inside of her!  So today's lesson is a simple one - please, listen to that voice inside of you and if it is telling you to go get a mammogram, go do it!!!!!
I usually share Friday Folds with you on Friday, but today I decided to share Fowl Friday :)  I will be visiting some relatives shortly and one of them loves roosters, so I decided to take a break from angel making to create a rooster ornament for her :)  I created a pattern and then cut the rooster out of muslin.  I then painted some muslin with a mix of paints and dyes.  The twig legs were added with hot glue as were all of the strips of painted muslin for the tail.  Felt was cut for the top of the rooster's head and beak and the painted fabric was cut to create a wing and waddle.  Acrylic paint and gesso was used to paint the eye feature.  I know there isn't any stamping on this rooster, but there is a whole lot of love and creativity poured into him!  I hope he inspires you to try something new - especially to create something for someone you love!  Have a beautiful weekend and please keep my friend in your thoughts!

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Lorraine said...

Best wishes to your friend. This is some fancy rooster. Love that tail!