Monday, November 05, 2012

Mixed Media Angel

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Let Someone Else's Passion Inspire You!
My massage therapist will be celebrating a birthday this week.  I have been going to her for massages for a number of years and it's funny what you notice and what you don't.  A few visits ago, she asked me if I had noticed all the angels and butterflies that she has around her massage room.  Although I had been in that room time after time, I never did notice all the little angels and butterflies hidden and hanging all over the space!  I guess when I arrive there I am in "massage" mode and my awareness is not as acute with respect to my surroundings.  Since her birthday is this week I decided to use her passion for angels as my inspiration....and it's amazing where that is taking me!  I began with this first angel - using fabric I had doodled and colored myself.  I combined the fabric with a number of Stampin' Up! products.  Can you see them?  Notice the Elegant Bird die wings?  And the Lacy Brocade embossing folder used the give the wings dimension?  How about the letters from the Simply Serif Mini Alphabet?  I used some colored pencils to highlight the gesso stripes as well.  When I completed this angel I was ready to start on another one...believing that another angel would feel exactly right for my friend.  And then, before bed last night I began thinking about challenging myself.  Challenging myself to make 30 angels in 30 days!  It's a tall order since I have quite a bit going on in the next 30 days.  It will mean that some days I will not make any angels and on other days I will need to make more than one to catch up!  By December 2nd, my collection of angels will be complete (and there will likely be 29 remaining after I gift one to my friend :)  I will do my best to share each angel with you - and I will also try to use at least one Stampin' Up! product on each angel - although not all of the will be stuffed and not all of them will use fabric.  Yes, this should be quite a challenge!  I'm excited to let someone else's passion take my inspiration to new and exciting places!  Wish me luck! :) and feel free to join me in the challenge...or just make one angel for yourself - whatever inspires you :)

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Anonymous said...

30 Angels in 30 days!! I know you can do it. Can't wait to see them all!! --Doris