Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday Folds: Make A Monster Pop-Up Card

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Wait For It!
Buddy and I were on a morning walk the other day and I cracked up!  Up ahead, across the street, was a big fluffy Golden Retriever.  The retriever was on a leash and walking with her owner - a woman who was on her cell phone.  The minute the retriever saw Buddy and I she immediately laid down on the ground.  Her owner, not noticing us, tried to pull on the leash (while she was on the phone) to get the dog to keep moving on their walk.  But the dog wasn't budging.  She was keeping her eyes locked on us and I started to smile.  She knew what she wanted.  She was going to sit there and wait for us to get to her so that she could say hello.  And that's exactly what she did :)  When Buddy and I got up to her and her owner I motioned to her owner to make sure it was okay to pet her dog and she said it was fine.  So Buddy and I stopped and petted the retriever - she immediately stood up to greet us.  And then we were all on our way - she had gotten exactly what she wanted - she had waited for it - and it was time to move on.  Sometimes you have to wait for it :)
Today's Friday Folds card is a pop-up!  I haven't really played much with pop-up construction, so I started with something very simple.  I made a wavy cut into the card base like this:
I then folded the bottom part into the inside of the card like this:

Here's what the card looks like on the inside at this point:
Next I stamped and cut out some monsters.  I also die cut some leaves using the Autumn Accents Bigz die so that I could use them as trees:
The sentiment is from Wacky Wishes and the sentiment on the front of the card is from Bring On The Cake.  Here is a close up of the monsters:
I hope this card inspires you to give creating a pop-up a try!  I hope you have a wonderful and creative weekend!!!!

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