Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Out On A Whim Wednesday: Angel #8

 Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Get It Checked Out
I had a temporary crown put in last week and I have been in a bit of pain ever since.  I knew there would likely be sensitivity to cold/hot before I get the permanent crown put in, but I was not prepared for my gums to be so unhappy :(  I tried taking ibruprofen - which did help a bit, but the pain kept coming back and my gums looked, well, yucky!  I am scheduled to go back in a few days for the crown, but decided that I wouldn't wait and that I would get it checked out instead - for my piece of mind.  I am relieved to find out that what is happening to my gums is a bit of a reaction to the medication used during the initial procedure and that it is something that will heal on it's own in time.  Each day should feel a bit better.  I have to say that the peace of mind that comes with getting it checked out has already got me feeling better.  If you have questions about something you are experiencing, better to get it checked out and put your mind at ease or, if your mind does not get put at ease by what you discover, at least you have more information and can determine a path forward.
Today I'm sharing angel #8 :)  I have been collecting old clock parts (it's nice to have a significant other who is an antique dealer - he turns up some of the oddest and interesting things!).  I wasn't sure what I was collecting the clock parts for, but this challenge made me look at the parts differently.  Here is a close up of her face:
I hot glued Cherry Cobbler sweater trim (129938) to the rim of the clock face and left the front and back exposed.  I used smaller clock parts to create her facial features.  I used a selection of seam binding in different colors to create her skirt and then added a wrapped wire belt with hung clock parts.  Here is a close up of the skirt:
I have no idea what angel #9 will bring, but angel #8 has been a very fun adventure! :)  For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday filled with thoughts of all you have to be grateful for!!!!!!

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Lorraine said...

Well, this angel is second to none! Seriously, you are so clever in your use of all those clock parts.