Thursday, January 03, 2013

Encaustic Fun With Watercolor Wonder Crayons: A Video!!!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  You Can't Force It
We have been enjoying the company of our new kitty, Loki, since he joined our home this weekend :)  Here is a picture of him on my messy craft room table :)
He's been incredibly curious, but also quite cautious.  He loves hanging out downstairs and sleeping in the closet :)  Coming upstairs though, is a bit scary.  He seems to feel more safe coming up at night (hence the darkness out the craft room window).  I tried to carry him up a couple of times, but he quickly returned downstairs.  What I realize is that I can't force it.  Loki will come upstairs in his own time - when he wants to - when he is good and ready.  The same is true for your art.  You can't force it.  You can show up at your art space and then you can wait - until you are good and ready.  And then the creating will begin :)
Today I want to share a video with you on how to use your Watercolor Wonder Crayons to have some encaustic fun!  Enjoy!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous and fun tutorial, Michelle! Your cards are beautiful. My favourite is the one with the Sunflower background. :-) Loki hit the jackpot when you and Michael took him home. He's an absolute darling. How does he get along with Buddy? XO --Doris

Lorraine said...

Great tutorial. I'm reminded of the crayon suncatchers the kids made with crayon shavings between sheets of wax paper. They were pretty but not really representative of anything in particular. This looks abstract but with a purpose. Beautifully done!