Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Out On A Whim Wednesday: Organza Painted Flower Barrettes

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  You Need To Crack Up Every Once In Awhile :)
I've been working on videos for Papercrafter's Library and decided to do a video on how to use Watercolor Wonder Crayons to paint on your skin.  Michael was a willing accomplice! :)  He was responsible for painting one side of my face.  He looked so serious as he was painting - and I couldn't see a thing.  When he was done he looked at me and said, "I don't know if you actually want to use this in a video!"  I went to the mirror and almost cracked up :)  On my face was the craziest looking something I had ever seen.  He had wanted to make a flower, but, as he suggested, what he had created was a flower that looked more like a screwed up NY Yankees emblem!  Needless to say, we washed it off and started over and the second flower was more successful :)  But, the cracking up didn't stop there.  Here is what happened next...

Today's Out On A Whim Wednesday project was a birthday gift I made for a friend (she happens to love purple and glitter)!  I cut out circles of white organza fabric and then cut into the circles every inch or so to create "petals."  I then used a candle flame to heat the individual petals (trying not to burn myself or light the house on fire).  The heat curls the petals.  Once each circle was done, I layered them together and sewed them to secure them in the center.  I then added a center ribbon flower using hot glue.  Once all the layers were together, I sprayed the entire flower with a mixture of purple fluid acrylic paint and water and let it dry.  Next came a layer of sparkle glaze and then attaching it to a barrette base.  It was fun to see her put it in her hair the minute she opened the box! :)

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Sunshine said...

Oh wow! I love your purple flower, and what a cool (or hot?!) technique! Must try it - don't worry, the fire station is just up the road!
I 'found' you via Lorraines blog, papervernissage and have now added you to my favourites!
Thanks fro sharing this amazing idea:-) P.S. Happy 2013!
Sunshine, New Zealand