Thursday, March 07, 2013

Healthy Airport Eating and Flying Pigs!

Today's lesson from the craft room: If you make a commitment you can find ways to keep it!
I travel quite a bit and I follow a pretty healthy diet. I have gotten pretty good at seeking out and finding healthy options even in hectic airports! Starbucks at Dallas Ft. Worth Airport provided my latest healthy meal - I love oatmeal for dinner­čśä It just goes to show that when you make a commitment to something you can find ways to keep them! Now if I take out my travel watercolor set on the airplane, I'll be really proud of myself!!!!
Today I am sharing an adorable card that was part of a gift I received from Lorraine for Pig Day!!!!! Thanks Lorraine!!!! You can view her blog and her wonderful creativity at www.papervernissage.!

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