Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Petite Pairs and Four Frames Scrap Card

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  I Own That I Am Touchy-Feely
As part of my work life, I do training in corporate environments.  Some of what I teach involves negotiation skills and communication skills.  Invariably I will have someone in a workshop say something about "this touchy-feely stuff" and they say it as if it is a dirty word/phrase.  What is it about the need some people have to devalue that which is "touchy-feely?"  And why do I hurt inside when they do it?  The truth is, I am touchy-feely - I own that!  I do care about the soft squishy insides that we all have - no matter how much we try to hide those vulnerable parts of ourselves.  I don't care what environment you are in - corporate, public, government, university, the privacy of your own home - we are human beings and along with that comes emotions - raw, simple emotions.  I am touchy-feely - it is who I am - and I own it! :)
Today's card was made in an attempt to use up some scraps that were cluttering my craft space :)  Gotta love the inspiration clutter can provide (that's one up-side to not having the cleanest craft space right now!).  As a matter of fact, for the rest of the week I will share 2 more cards I made using the scraps I found hanging around.  I did add a bit of stamping - a greeting from Petite Pairs and the birdie frame from Four Frames.  I pulled everything together by using the spritzer tool with s Soft Suede marker.  I hope you like it :)


TiaraHelen said...

Hi Michelle
You certainly are touchy feely my dear and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Touchy feely is so scarey for some, they have to scoff to protect themselves.
When I run courses and start talking self esteem, stress, loss etc, some people roll their eyes and pooh pooh and huff. But I often notice they are the ones who sidle over to the resources table and take a leaflet on one of those subjects! Watch that video again that you put up was it Brede somebody? to remind you why we make ourselves vulnerable! xxx

TiaraHelen said...

Oh yes, I'll get off my high horse now and tell you how much I like your "scrappy" card, it's very sweet, just like you.