Monday, May 20, 2013

Canvases In Progress

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  I Know Something Has Touched Me Deeply When I Am Brought To Tears.  It Is This Emotion I Must Pay Attention To.
I volunteer for a radio reading service.  Every week I record two programs that are then made available to the visually impaired.  One of the programs is a reading of a newspaper published in a mountain community here in Colorado.  The other program is the New York Times Travel Section.  I have 28 minutes of recording time, so usually I scroll through the articles and choose ones that speak to me in some way.  Little did I know how much one of the articles would impact me - it brought me to tears.  The article was titled innocently enough A Case for Getting Far, Far Away by Christopher Solomon.  It was when I was recording and got to the last paragraph that I had to stop because I started sobbing.  Here is what I read, "Gretel Ehrlich said of those yawning Wyoming spaces that she loves, "Its absolute indifference steadied me."  I know what she meant.  We spend our days trying to be big.  In the middle of nowhere, though, we can surrender to smallness again and instead find where we fit in the landscape.  Out there, where there's nothing, is where there's the most to learn."  I knew this had touched me deeply - speaking to that part of me that holds my truth - my wisdom.  I believe this is why I am drawn to the mountains and open spaces right now.  I must pay attention to this emotion and honor it.
As part of honoring my emotion, I was drawn to pull out some canvases yesterday and start painting.  I have continued the process today and am sharing these images with you.  Both of these are canvases "in progress" - I have no idea where they will take me.  I am enjoying the process of applying paint, sometimes spraying it with water, sometimes applying it with my fingers...and then letting it dry before applying the next color (so I don't end up with a canvas of mud!).  I may share what becomes of these canvases - not sure how long that might take.  But for now I will pay attention to what I am feeling and keep painting.


Anonymous said...

All three canvases are beautiful the way they are. The shapes and colours are stunning. Can't wait to see what else you do with them. ((Hugs)) Doris

Lorraine said...

Art can become our therapy helping us to get our emotions out and providing a calm. You've got a beautiful beginning.