Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mixed Media Stitched Square

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  At Least I Try
Today I am sharing a mixed media stitched square that I created for a reader challenge in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.  It is the second thing I've submitted to the magazine and I'm still trying to one day see one of my pieces of art in the magazine.  I'm not sure why I have set getting published in that magazine as a goal, but somewhere along the line I thought it would be kind of cool since I've been reading the magazine for years.  When the finalists for this challenge were posted on Monday, I was disappointed that my name was not on the list.  It is disappointing when you put your heart and soul into a piece of art and it doesn't get the recognition that you would like.  I imagine this is a tiny insight into what some amazing artists have experienced - not being able to really reach or communicate to others what you are trying to express.  Yes, just a very small taste of that experience.  And, I could let it get me down...BUT I'M NOT GOING TO! :)  I figure I can reach out and share it with all of you (or one of you...depending on who ends up reading this post :)  And, I can at least take comfort in knowing that at least I try.  At least I am trying to express what is inside of me and put it out there in the hopes that it will touch someone else.
This project began with a photo of a dahlia that was growing in our backyard this year.  I then took the photo and created a hand-cut stencil from it.  I used photosensitive paints and sun printed the muslin fabric.  Next, I used the same stencil as a template to cut dictionary definitions that focused on the idea of growth.  The pieces were adhered to the fabric and then I machine stitched, hand stitched, beaded and added pencil lines before adding backing fabric and sewed it all together.  I put a lot of love into it and I hope you can feel that :)  I hope in some way this piece helps you grow as it did me.

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Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous piece...the colours and details are superb. You have my undying admiration because you are not afraid to try something different, or to submit your artwork to scrutiny by strangers at the magazine. I have such a hard time opening myself up like that (and therefore don't); you're marvellous!! XO--Doris