Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Signs Inspired By Lisa Engelbrecht

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Everyday Is A Good Day For A Walk
I was walking with Buddy the other morning and we passed by a gentleman carrying a ladder in a driveway.  We said good morning and he replied, "Great day for a walk, isn't it?!"  We responded that it was and as we kept walking I began to think about how every day is really a good day for a walk!  Each and every day brings it's own light, it's own temperature, it's own scent, it's own discoveries.  Hopefully I will remember this on those days when it is below zero and the snow is coming down in blankets!  At least I have a little while to prepare myself :)  Yes, everyday is a good day for a walk!
Today I wanted to share a few signs with you.  A project by Lisa Engelbrecht in the book Art Saves inspired me to create these signs.  Playing with paint, ink, colored pencils and wire was a lot of fun!  One of these signs went to my niece when I surprised her on her birthday :)  The other one was made for a friend who is dealing with rectal cancer.  She is doing amazingly well and is almost through her chemotherapy.  Please send loving and healing thoughts her way!

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