Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Art Journal Pages

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  I Have A Short Fuse When I Don't Allow Myself To Decompress
I have had a full few weeks as well as visitors in the house and I realize that when I don't allow myself to decompress from all the activity my fuse becomes quite short.  I felt it the other day on a phone call.  I hadn't had my morning nature walk with Buddy and I was just out of sorts.  It's funny how I can feel the pressure building up within me in those moments - like I'm going to burst or say something I'm going to regret...or even act in ways that I'm not proud of.  When I was off the phone I came back to these pages that I had begun the day before.  Let Go Of Judgement seemed to be the best advice to give myself.  When I am tired and short-fused, I jump to that place of judgement and impatience.  The minute I glued the words down I started to feel better.  And then I took Buddy on a short walk and we sat in the park and watched the world go by.  I have a short fuse when I don't allow myself to decompress...and stepping into art and nature is the key to my decompression!

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