Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blossom Punch Turkey Thanksgiving Card

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Keep Pushing Yourself Past The Discontent
This card was the final item I created for my Stamp-a-Stack this past weekend.  I had seen people make turkeys using the 2-step bird punch (I'm actually beginning to wonder if there is anything you CAN'T make using the 2-step bird punch!) and I thought they were adorable.  But somehow the blossom punch caught my eye and I decided it would make gorgeous feathers!  So I altered some of the ideas I had seen and came up with this.  Now the story behind this card is a bit more complex than I have let on.  Yesterday I mentioned I had been traveling like a crazy woman lately and I was trying to come up with card designs under tight pressure.  Well, I created 2 or 3 cards prior to this one and each one that I created just didn't feel right.  I was discontented.  One part of me was tempted to just go with a design I wasn't totally thrilled with, just to be done with it.  But the other part of me just couldn't accept that feeling of discontent.  So, I decided to push through it.  This card never would have come out of me if I hadn't pushed myself past the discontent.  It can be hard to push yourself further...and easy to give in to "good enough."  And, sometimes, that might be exactly what you need to do.  In this case, what I needed to do, was push past it.  I was rewarded for the effort (at least I think he's cute and a great reminder to me to give thanks for the ability to push past the discontent :)  Happy Turkey Day!!!!!  (p.s.  In case you start looking for this sentiment stamp, I must confess that it is from a retired set :)  For some holidays I tend to go digging in my retired stamps to find appropriate holiday greetings.  I just can't seem to bring myself to purchasing new sets every time a holiday rolls around) :)

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