Friday, February 07, 2014

Journal Away Your Fear #2

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Sometimes You Have To Tear It Down To Build It Back Up!
Taking two steps back to move one step forward would definitely summarize this page!  I kept layering and layering - paint, stamping, glaze...and I was still not happy with what I was seeing.  But this series is about journaling away your I decided to do some alcohol spraying to remove some of the acrylic paint (a technique I learned by watching artist Jane Davies at work in this video).  I sprayed the alcohol...waited a bit...and then began scraping away with an old hotel key card.  And that's when the paper kind of ripped!  I was actually hoping to get down to the white surface of the page...but I was quite thinking I would get there by ripping through the top layer!  I pushed the fear aside and decide I would assist the tearing.  And I liked what happened!  So, I did it again - a number of times - all over the page!  Tearing it down.  Then building back up.  Yes, sometimes you have to push aside the fear and tear things down.  Then you can build them back up again!  (I'm sitting here smiling once again - realizing how true this lesson is for so many different parts of my life!)!  Join me in journaling away your fear!!!!  Put something on a page.  Tear it up.  Then build something from it!  I hope you have a wonderful, creative and fear-facing weekend!!!!! :)

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