Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Toilet Paper Roll Valentine Treat Container

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room: Lessons You Are Learning In Other Areas Of Your Life Can Be Lessons You Need To Learn In The Craft Room
It all started when I began to compare myself.  I did the first 80m (4 lengths in the indoor pool) without an issue.  Then I did the second 80m.  Then the third.  And I started to feel myself getting a little tired.  It was during the fourth try that I did 40m and tired myself out and decided to the rest of the swimmers in the class kept going.  And that's when it started - the comparison.  It's amazing how quickly I let it take over - like a driver who overtakes you in the fast lane.  I started to succumb and then I began to fight a little.  I ignored what everyone else was doing, caught my breath and then hopped back into the exercise when I was ready.  The demons came back a bit later in the class too.  I actually negative self-talked myself close to tears a few times.  But I didn't cry - or if I did, the tears lost themselves in the pool water.  I could look at this all in a whole different way.  As my coach reminded me, I went further and faster than I had before.  I dove into the pool after having only done that one time before in the outdoor pool.  I did one length with only taking one breath!  A lot of accomplishment today - now that I can look back at it since the gremlins are asleep.  In the locker room my coach passed by and reminded me that I need to let the gremlins go.  I need to release comparisons and remember that I have just started.  Focus on what I am doing and go at my own pace.  Sound familiar when it comes to making art?  It can be easy to the let the gremlins sabotage you.  To spend time on every blog, website, pinterest board and begin to compare yourself to others.  To get into that space where you become paralyzed and don't want to open up to your creative muse.  My coach has it right - we need to let it go.  We need to kiss those gremlins goodbye.  We need to recognize we are just starting and go at our own pace.  This journey is yours.
Today's project is a an upcycled treat holder!  Don't throw away those toilet paper rolls!  Turn them into wonderful sweets for your sweetheart instead!  Just cover the roll with Fresh Prints Designer Series paper stack paper and hot glue/sticky strip the bottom of the roll together.  Add some decoration and some sweets and you are good to go!

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Lorraine said...

I love that even if there are negative thoughts you find the positive to focus on and push through. Love the treat holder too!