Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Little More Progress On The Page

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Notice
I am slowly making more progress on the art journal page that I shared yesterday.  I found myself wanting to add some hand-stitching to the piece (not an easy task since hand-stitching is not something I have done a lot of).  Of course I then decided I wanted to include French knots :)  So, off to YouTube I went to find a video on how to make them.  I'm not consistent yet, but it has been fun learning.  I've also begun to take more notice at the thoughts that bubble up as I am working on this page.  Yes, the usual critic is rearing his ugly head again - asking me why I am spending time on this page - asking me "What's the point?"  And then I also notice what was on the radio when I was driving home from swimming this morning.  Two stories - one right after the other.  One was about a 17-year old girl who had become addicted to marijuana and how it had impacted her life.  She was in a program at school that was built to help teens through this addiction and one of the things she felt was helping her a lot was art.  She talked about how making art provided a distraction for her - distraction from negative thoughts and cravings.  She mentioned how fascinated she was right now with roses and drawing them - how the petals fold in so many different ways.  Next was a story about teens in Lyons, Colorado who had experienced the devastation of flooding last year.  With the assistance of a few adults, they put together a book of photos about their experience.  Using art to express and to heal.  So yes, I notice what the Universe is saying in response to my inner critic.  Why do I create art?  Why do I spend time stitching French knots to a page?  Because it allows my mind to focus on something positive and distracts me (if I can allow the inner critic's thoughts to just pass by) from negative thinking.  It also provides me an opportunity to express myself and to heal myself.  And ultimately, I hope that maybe it will inspire you to do the same.

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Lorraine said...

I'm loving watching this unfold.