Friday, March 21, 2014

Completed Art Journal Page: Spring!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Give It Time To Unfold
I finished the page today!  I am writing this on Thursday evening - the first day of Spring.  And I guess it is no coincidence that as I kept working on this page I was inspired to add the word "spring!"  The page feels very alive to me - vibrant, growing, promising.  This page was definitely a lesson in giving my art time to unfold.  Not forcing.  Not pushing.  Being willing to walk away and come back to take a fresh look.  This was the first page I created in a new Moleskine sketchbook that has pages that are 11 1/4"x16 1/2"!  It felt a bit intimidating - looking at that large blank page...but the intimidation didn't last long :)  I began by painting off of the page - just painting a piece of dry waxed paper (deli paper).  The paper eventually got adhered to the page and then paint (and stitching) was added around and on top of the dry waxed paper.  Here are a few close ups...I am looking forward to my next unfolding :)

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Anonymous said...

Exuberant, joyful and beautiful…just like the season, and a perfect reflection of your soul, my friend. I just love seeing your art pieces evolve. --Doris