Monday, April 28, 2014

Painting Papers

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Get Back Into The Art-Making Groove!
I traveled last week and when I travel I seem to have a little bit of a struggle getting back into the art room and beginning.  I'm not sure why I struggle - maybe just being out of my element when I'm on the road and having to readjust when I get back.  Maybe my energy is a little low when I return from trips.  What I'm learning is good for me is to just walk into the craft room and begin.  Trouble is, I often didn't know what or where to begin!  So now my "go to" beginning is to just start painting, scribble, stamping on random paper.  Book pages, deli paper, scrap paper, recycled paper - it doesn't matter.  And I try not to focus on what the papers will one day be used for.  Instead I just begin and it gets me back into the groove!  These are three pictures of a large piece of paper I scribbled, painted and printed on.  And added a few scrap pieces of tape too.  Who knows what it will be turned into.  But at least I'm in the groove! :)

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Amanda Corbet said...

Beautiful papers! Maybe you should get a small journal with some watercolors and pens so you can be creative during your down time when you travel. That way you stay creative and don't have that dreaded crafting block.

I always love seeing your mixed media projects!