Friday, July 11, 2014

Stampin Sponges Organization

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Small Victories Matter When It Comes To Organizing!
Maybe today's post won't have you jumping up and down for joy like I was when I put all these little sponges into this plastic organizer...but I gotta tell you that this little box absolutely makes me smile!  These little sponges have a mind of their own and they have been known to find their way into all kinds of secret hiding places...or a drawer where they are all thrown together like one big pool party!  So now they have found a cozy little home.  A place to call their own.  A place where I can easily find them, use them, and put them away.  Yes, the small victories matter when it comes to organizing!

1 comment:

Lorraine said...

I've been meaning to do that myself. I used a smaller box for my daubers, but they're not labeled as nicely as yours and I could use more room. You've given me a goal for this weekend - to get those boxes and be a copycat!