Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mini-Collage Challenge #12

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  In the end the only genuine safety in this world comes from risking oneself completely in order to become oneself more fully. - Michael Meade
Landscapes seem to keep appearing in my mini collages.  For those of you following me on this journey, I have challenged myself to create a 2" x 2" mini collage each day for at least 30 days (I'm off a bit on the "every day" part, but I am continuing to move forward with the challenge).  Sometimes you will see me using a similar color palette - often this is because I am traveling for work and have challenged myself to use the limited supplies that I carry with me :)  I wonder if landscapes keep appearing because part of this challenge is about trying to become familiar with my inner landscape.  Who am I?  How can I get to know myself more fully?  I get to know myself a little bit more each time I show up to my 2" x 2" square of watercolor paper and risk taking any action to begin to fill the blank square.  Yes, it makes sense to me that landscapes keep appearing - they are nature; they are about my inner exploration; they are me.

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