Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Mini-Collage #15

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Create Your Art.  It Will Inspire.
I was on the plane last month.  Coming home from a family visit to Atlanta.  In my zippered bag were my usual supplies, but I also had a map and a hang tag from the rental car.  I began by cutting the map into different sized circles.  I made some cuts into the circles and glued them all together.  I added a touch of water in my hand and did a bit of crumpling.  As it dried it reminded me of a bird's nest.  So I cut out the bird from the hang tag and made some blue eggs with some washi tape.  I cut out the message from the map - a message I would not have noticed had I not gone looking for it :)  I then glued the whole thing down to my 2" x 2" piece of watercolor paper as part of my 2" x 2" mini-collage challenge.  This was the first time I took my challenge to a 3-D level!  Who knows where this new advancement will take me next!
Then I realized the only way to transport my mini-collage safely when I landed in Denver was to carry it in my hand to the car.  As I boarded the train to the main terminal I was standing next to a woman who immediately asked me what was in my hand!  I shared the collage with her and she asked, "Are you and artist?"  To which I proudly responded, "Yes!"  She said that she felt she was missing the cells for creativity and I told her that I felt she had creativity inside of her - she just needed to be willing to risk making some ugly things and her creativity would find its way out!  Another woman overheard us talking and she looked at my mini-collage too.  She said that I had just inspired her to use her extra time in a new way.  She used to draw and this tiny collage inspired her to commit to begin drawing again!  Create your art.  It will inspire.  It will inspire someone, somewhere - in ways you may not even realize!

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