Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Mini-Collage Challenge #14

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Out of limitation comes limitlessness!
I travel with a little zippered bag filled with a variety of pens, a blunt-end scissor, a glue stick, some 2" x 2" watercolor paper squares and some rolls of washi tape.  It's a limited mix of supplies and I tend to supplement with bits of paper ephemera I pick up during my trips (ticket stubs, receipts, wrappers).  I have had the same few rolls of washi tape in the bag for about a month now and I was just thinking about switching out  the colors - which I might very well do...and, at the same time, limiting myself to the supplies I currently have in my little zippered pouch is allowing me to realize how limitless having limitations can be!  Even though I keep working with the same supplies, those same supplies continue to lead me in different directions!  This collage has quite a few built up layers - tape on tape on tape.  Doodles on doodles on doodles.  Quite different from the small landscape I made with the same supplies just a few days ago.  Yes, out of limitation comes limitless.  Maybe that will be my next challenge...to limit myself to a few supplies and see what I can do with just those supplies in a week...a month...or possibly longer!


Lorraine said...

This is so cool Michelle. I love the color pallet. I love that you carry your supplies with you and make do with what you have. Your creations are proof that limitations are limitless.

Doris said...

You simply amaze me. XO