Monday, December 08, 2014

Mini-Collage Challenge #16

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  It's All About Losing Myself
My mind was full of twisted wires.  Crissing and crossing.  Confusing.  I needed a break.  I could have gone for a swim.  Could have taken a nap.  But what I was led to do was to head into the craft room.  A place where I can lose myself.  Where my thoughts turn from twistedness to serenity.  Where my focus turns to what color to apply.  What tool to use.  And everything else melts away.  There are days when I question why I create.  Today I knew the answer.  It was all about losing myself in the process.
This is the next mini-collage in my 2" x 2" mini-collage challenge that I have set for myself.  I began by experimenting with a thin layer of crackle paste - it didn't quite crackle.  The layer was too thin.  But it created a nice "toothy" surface to work on.  So I stamped and colored in with some metallic Sharpie markers and found some suitable words in a book I've been cutting up.  As always, the perfect message always appears.  If I lose myself and allow the process to take over.

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Lorraine said...

I really love that you lose yourself. I do believe that when I create I am entering self-therapy of sorts. It clears my mind and there is a feeling of satisfaction when you are done whether or not you like what you've done because you've maybe also found out what doesn't work. I would say that this collage does work quite nicely.