Thursday, December 11, 2014

Watercolor Play

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Follow The Art Impulse!
I was on a work trip earlier this week and had an opportunity to go to a contemporary art museum and take in some art and inspiration!  One of the paintings that drew me in was by Mark Rothko and it had a combination of colors that spoke to me - orange, grey, a touch of red and black.  It spoke to me so deeply that I just HAD to make some art...but I was ill-prepared.  I had my usual little kit with me - some black markers, washi tape, a glue stick and scissors.  But I wanted color!  I guess I could have found some magazines or paper to cut up that included the respective colors, but somehow the urge took over to be able to brush pigment onto paper.  Next stop?  The museum gift shop!  I went straight to the section in the back that was for kids...after all, the kid in me wanted to play!  And there they were - smiling at me - a set of watercolors, brush included - for $8!  Nirvana!  I bought that set and went straight back to my hotel room.  I filled up a glass with water and opened my new set and off I went in my small sketch book!  Follow the art impulse!  Let it take over!  Find the colors you need!  You will be glad you did :)

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