Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Patchwork Pumpkin

Today I wanted to share a fun craft for the Halloween/Thanksgiving season!  This is an idea that I got from Alisa Burke.  She decorates real pumpkins in different ways every year and I fell in love with this patchwork pumpkin!  I began with a plastic pumpkin that I purchased at the craft store.  I wanted to have a pumpkin that I could use every year.  Then I cut small rectangles of different cotton fabrics.  Next I mixed Matte Mod Podge with some water and applied the fabrics to the pumpkin with a foam brush and the Mod Podge mixture.  I found it helpful to work on a piece of freezer paper.  I covered the entire pumpkin and let it dry and then I used a Sharpie White Paint Pen to add the stitch marks.  I love how it turned out!  Thanks for the inspiration Alisa!!!


Lorraine said...

Very cool!

TiaraHelen said...

That's so cute! xxx