Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room: Think about the message they might receive, not just the one you intend to send

I realized today that in my tired state (too much business travel over the last few weeks) the emails I have been sending to my colleagues have been a bit shorter and have included fewer smiley faces than my norm. I'm glad I recognized it because it made me realize that while my reason for sending shorter and less smiley emails is because I'm tired, the folks receiving them might be thinking that I'm angry or frustrated or upset with them. So today I made sure to check in with the people I've been emailing to let them know that I recognize my emails have been a bit different this week and to explain why. It's a good practice I need to remind myself of - that sometimes the messages we are sending may be received in a very different way than we intend.

I had fun stamping this big flower with many of the images from the Cheep Talk stamp set (so cute!!!). I sponged the edges of the flower with rose red. The rose red strip in the background was run through the Big Shot with the daisies texturz plate (hard to see the texture in the photo). I added a "pinch" of paper piercing and a "dash" of ribbon :)

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