Friday, April 24, 2009

Today's Lesson From...yes, you guessed it...Too Far Away From The Craft Room: Take A Cold Shower...

yes, i'm on the road again - this time in Poza Rica, Mexico. It is a small town about 30 minutes by plane from Mexico City. The people are so nice and the vegetation is so beautiful here - very green and lots of flowers. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to do a small bit of siteseeting after getting done with work in the afternoon. I got up this morning to take a shower and put the lever to "hot"...well actually to "caliente." I waited a little bit for the water to heat up - it got luke warm and that was it. I realized that my Americanized view of "hot" is not the same as "hot" here in a warm, humid climate. So in the shower I jumped...quite to the shock of my tired body! I have to say though, that once I got over the shock...well, I didn't really get over the shock...but after I soaped and showered as fast as I ever had and got out of the shower, the experience left me feeling quite invigorated, awake and excited to greet the day! Maybe sometimes taking a cold shower - or experimenting a bit with what we are most comfortable - is a great idea. It could leave us feeling more awake, invigorated and excited to greet the day! :)

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