Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today's Lesson From Far Away From The Craft Room: Smile, Even If No One Can See

so you might be wondering why a mummy card at the end of April...let me not leave you in suspense. I am sitting here in the airport in Mexico City, wearing a bright blue respiratory mask (maybe you have been hearing all of the news about the swine flu that is causing all kinds of issues here in Mexico and starting to spread around the world), wearing this mask makes me feel a bit like the mummy in the card - you can see my eyes, but not much else. It is amazing how important our health and safety are to us as human beings. Three days ago, someone coughing or sneezing really did not mean that much to me. Now I hear every cough and every sneeze and begin wanting to get as far away from those sounds as possible!!!!

I have two choices right now - to panic and make myself all worried and crazy....or, to smile and help myself stay in a positive place. My decision is to smile...even if no one can see my smile underneath this crazy blue least I know it's there :)

fyi, the mummy card is not an original design - i am trying to find the source where i found the instructions - i should have made a note back when i did this in 2008! i will keep looking and when i find it, i will share the source for the instructions and the design with you!

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