Friday, May 15, 2009

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room: Transitions Always Begin With Endings

I have been reading the book "Transitions" by William Bridges - what a wonderful book for anyone who is going through transitions in their life. The book discusses how every transition begins with an ending - In order to have a new beginning, you first need to let go of where you currently are - you have to first begin with an ending. I realize that endings are not very easy for me - I'm not the kind of person who just let's go and moves fearlessly into the future...except when I create! I can easily let go of the vision I had for a card and let it create itself. I hope that the ease with which I can navigate endings in the craft room will help me more successfully allow for endings in my life so that I can move forward into new beginnings!

This card began with creating an embossed square border by cutting out a 4"x4" square and temporarily adhering it to the front of this 5"x5" card. I then used my embossing stylus to emboss around the square and then removed the 4"x4" square from the center. The "waves" and "sky" were torn by hand and the starfish came from the sea :) Hope you like it!

(ps. sorry to have disappeared for a few days, I had a work trip to Boston and got home last night - it's good to be back in the craft least for a little while until my next work trips...wait 'til you hear where I'm headed next...a camera is definitely coming along with me!)

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