Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room: Find Joy In The Simple Things

Today I had a stamping workshop with a small group of women at my home. As I set everything up, the sun came out and I decided it would be nice to open the french doors from the dining room to the patio and set up stamping space both inside and out. The sound of the fountain, the warmth of the sun, the scampering of the squirrels and a group of women enjoying being creative - these were all simple things that gave me a huge sense of joy today. As the commercial says, "Priceless." What simple things did you find joy in today?

This card brought me joy as well - simple, clean and a very clear message. With just a hint of dazzling diamonds to make it sparkle. I'm thinking this might be my new year's card this year - with a message inside that says "May you find unlimited joy in the simple things this New Year" I hope you like it!!!

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