Saturday, October 17, 2009

Four Seasons Frame

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Take A Deep Breath And Tell Yourself You Are Amazing!

I am learning a lot about myself as I transition into my new life as an independent contractor.  One thing I'm learning - that I'll share with you - is that I have a strong need for external validation.  I keep searching outside myself for praise and affirmation.  I want to continue to remind myself that what is outside of us we cannot control - we cannot control whether others will like us, or like what we do.  What we can control is what we feel and what we tell ourselves.  We can control how we feel about ourselves and what we do.  So today I am turning my search for validation inside - and, if I do say so myself - I am Amazing :)

Today's project is for my November gift-giving class.  We will be making a frame using the Season of Friendship stamp set.  All supplies are included.  I can't wait to hang this project in my house!!!!  Hope you like it!

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EJBDesigns said...

I love it!!! I will have to check your schedule for the class, but if I can't make date soon?!?