Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Holiday Stamp-A-Stack

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Find The Pollyanna In Every Moment!

I always loved to watch the movie Polyanna whenever it came on the television.  Somehow that young girl has the ability to find the silver lining in any moment.  It's not that she is being naive, she just chooses to look for the gift in whatever she is experiencing.  I need her help when it comes time to leave home.  I'm heading out on a trip to London and I always seem to get a bit sad and anxious when the time comes to leave home.  I worry about whether I will be safe and whether I will return to the people, creatures, and place that I love.  There is a snowstorm that will be moving in tonight so I will likely miss our first big snowfall of the season - something I like to be around for since Buddy gets crazy happy in the snow!  So where is the Polyanna?  I will have quiet time on the plane - time where I can contemplate how to build my Stampin' Up! business.  I will have quiet time to watch movies and rest.  I will get to meet new people in a different culture and also visit with a long-time friend in London.  Yes, there is some Pollyanna in every moment - I just have to stop and look!

These are some of the cards we will be making at the November Holiday Stamp-a-Stack workshop.  I'm having a hard time not putting some type of glitter on every single card!  It's just a glittery time of year :)  Hope you like them!

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