Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today's Lesson From Far Away From The Craft Room:  There's A Little Bit Of Magic If You Look For It!

I arrived in London today and just woke up from my catch-up-on-my-sleep-after-my-flight nap and I looked out the window and I counted 12 cottontail rabbits in the field outside my window!  That's a lot of cottontails!  It all seems quite magical.  I've also heard the word "magic" used a number of times today, from people here, in casual conversation - saying things like "wow, that's magic!"  It seems to be a substitute for the word "excellent" - I like it :)  And then there was little bit of magic waiting for me in my email from home - this beautiful picture of the snow as it begins to accumulate in the front yard of the house - it's magic!  Where do you see magic today????

I am going to try to play more with My Digital Studio while I'm on the road - we'll see what I can come up with!  I may try a scrapbook layout - or maybe a calendar - so many choices, not sure what I want to create!  Hope you are having a day of magic!

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