Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Video: Assembling Your Cling Mount Stamps

I had a fun time assembling my new cling mount stamps and I thought I would share with you how to do it!  One more tip...you can easily slide the cover paper out of the dvd case if you open the case fully.  I slide this paper out and make a copy of it so that I can keep a notebook of all of the stamp sets that I have.  This notebook is an easy way to remember what images you have so you keep using them all!  Hope you enjoy the video.  Let me know if you have any questions!


jovialjudi said...

Great video Michelle! I have a question...is the stamp clingy enough to hold on to the acrylic block after putting the label on? Thanks!!

Michelle Joy Wecksler said...

Hi Judi! Thanks for your question :) I find that it helps to use Stampin' Mist on a paper towel to clean the label and the block before using the stamp. It helps to remove any oils that might have gotten onto the block or stamp from your hands. I also press down pretty hard when placing the stamp on the acrylic block - it's okay to be aggressive here. However, I also have learned that I have to be much less aggressive when it comes to cleaning these stamps with my Stampin' Scrub! I was very used to scrubbing my wood block stamps back and forth on the scrub pad and if you try this with the cling mounted stamps, they will come right off! So you have to be gentle :) The stamps do get clean, even with a gentler touch :) Hope this helps!