Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A Twist On A Card: Sweet Scoops

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Try It With A Twist!

No, it's not Groundhog Day and you are not seeing double :)  I had to share today's card as it was a real revelation to me!  The card I shared yesterday was one of my stamp-a-stack cards.  One of my attendees was a young girl named Kelsey.  Kelsey likes to use the stamp-a-stack card as inspiration and then let her creativity add to the card.  I had to smile when I saw her take this Sweet Scoops card and turn it on its side and then place the greeting at an angle!  I immediately asked her permission to copy what she had done (and I added to it by putting dazzling diamonds on the sprinkles and crystal effects on the cherries).  Thanks Kelsey! :)  This was such an eye-opening card for me - an inspiration to get away from my straight lines and symmetrical cards and play around with my layouts.  Sometimes you just need to try it with a twist! :)

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