Friday, August 13, 2010

Four Ways Friday Coming Soon!

Today's Lesson While Wishing I Was In The Craft Room:  Some Things Don't Happen According To The Time Frame You Imagine

Alarm clocks going off at 4 a.m. in the hotel room next door to you...and off again...and again...every 15 minutes until Security can come and do something about it.  Meeting rooms that are freezing no matter how many calls you make to get the temperature adjusted.  Skies that open up and dump tons of rain that results in closed airports and canceled flights.  These are the events that were not happening according to my time frame over the last few days.  And so, like a domino effect, Four Ways Friday will not be here in the time frame I imagined.  I wonder if there is some reason behind all of this.  Some purpose or maybe a lesson I am supposed to learn.  I do realize that when I am tired I have a short fuse.  That I allow myself to get all worked up and that after awhile I calm back down.  Maybe part of the lesson is learning to not let it get me so worked up.  To allow myself to flow through the fact that some things in life...many things actually, won't happen according to the time frame that I imagine and instead will happen and unfold in exactly the right time.  Yes, today I am learning a lesson...I hope to be back in the craft room at the exact perfect time to bring you Four Ways Friday...and I'm secretly hoping it will be some time on Friday!!!! :)

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