Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sense Of Time Wall Hanging

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Get Conscious About How You View Time

On my trip to Amsterdam, I became keenly aware of the difference between how I view time at home and how time was viewed in Amsterdam.  Granted, that on my trip, I did not have my usual morning chores or constantly "plugged in" computer.  However, I was very aware of time, particularly when it came to meals.  In my experience, when I go to a restaurant in the States, it seems that "quick" is the mantra.  How quickly can we get seated.  How quickly is there a person to wait on us.  How quickly do we get served.  How quickly can they get us the check.  It's as if the eating portion of the visit is just a necessity and something not really worth our expense of time.

In Amsterdam, the experience was entirely different.  Whether a restaurant was crowded or full, it was as if we were given the space of time.  Time to sit and contemplate the menu.  Time to just chat prior to looking at the menu.  Time to relax and ease into the ritual of eating prior to any food being served.  Time to digest and relax after eating - no hurry to get us out the door or throw the bill at us.  In fact, not a meal went by where we were given a check prior to asking for it.  The message that sent to me was something like "you are welcome to relax and enjoy here for as long as you like.  When you are ready, you just let us know."  I'm sure it helps that the staff in restaurants is paid differently than here - tipping is not the norm in Amsterdam so restaurant staff do not rely on tips to make their wage sufficient.  So there is no sense that the restaurant wants to turn the tables quickly.  However, it seemed to go so far beyond that - just a different meaning given to time and a different appreciation of it.  It is definitely time for me to examine how I view time.  If I firmly believe in the quote above, which I believe I do, how can I encourage and support an unhurried sense of time in my life?

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jovialjudi said...

Hey chickie! Well I see we have both been terribly busy. This unhurried time thing makes sense but is diffucult to achieve! What lovely flowers in your pic!! Keep giving us tidbits from your trip please! Would love to hear about it. Love the card! Gosh I need to get to some shopping soon! I keep saying it and never taking the time to do it! Talk soon! Hugs, Judi