Monday, March 21, 2011

Friends Fur-ever Dream Big!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  The Minute You Think You Have It Under Control, It Sneaks Up On You!
So you know what I said last week...that I had the retired stamp set addiction under control?  Well, I was sorely mistaken!  Ugh!  I'm now quite frustrated with myself.  I'm spending too much time staring at the computer screen looking at all those stamp sets...and I do know what it's's about not creating.  It's funny how the "steal your creativity away" monster sneaks up on me.  He's very cunning!  Sometimes he comes in the excuse of "you need to clean up the craft room before you can create!"  Sometimes he whispers, "you need the next new craft item before you can create something worthwhile!"  Sometimes he just tells me I'm tired and that I don't have a creative notion in my head!  I really thought I had him under control, but now he's taken on the guise of, "you need to sit in front of your computer screen because you may just miss the next retired stamp auction!"  It's funny to think that all of these on-line auctions were going on long before I discovered them or decided to pay attention to them.  And while I'm happy to have acquired a few more sets, I really don't know that it's been worth the cost of spending way too much time in front of my screen and not enough time creating.  So today I begin the battle again - against the "steal your creativity away" monster!!!!  Wish me luck!!!!!
I thought it appropriate to share this card today since it is a combination of the old and the new.  I combined the Friends Fur-ever stamp set with the Think Big (retired) set and here's what came out!  I also decided to make a single layer card and added a bit of Crystal Effects on the bones and bowl and an added button for dimension.  A touch of dazzling diamonds add some bling to his color.  I hope you like it :)  I am off to slay the monster!!! :)

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