Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Artistic Etchings Card & Stamped Masking Tape Video!!!!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Sometimes All You Need Is A Makeover :)
I can get captivated every once in awhile by the show What Not To Wear.  Have you seen it?  The hosts of the show work with someone to give them a total makeover - clothes, hair, makeup - it is pretty amazing to watch the recipient of the makeover transform before your eyes - not just externally, but internally as well.  You can see their confidence build with the outer transformation.  I must confess that I am not very into makeup and clothing.  There was a time when I wore a ton of makeup and then I grew out of it.  I decided that other than a touch of lipstick on special days, I didn't want to tug and pull on my face.  So you will usually find me sans face paint and in clothing that I'm sure does not make my mom very proud :)  I have my reasons - mostly craft related.  If you play in the craft room as much as I do your clothing definitely becomes a part of the creative process :)  And, okay, maybe I also like to hide in schlumpy clothes...but that's another story for another day....maybe I need to see how I can make myself over - to build my confidence and feel as good on the outside as I do on the inside and vice versa.  How 'bout you?
I decided my poor masking tape needed a makeover too!  Not that there is anything wrong with the lovely vanilla tinted tape as it is...I just thought it might want a little boost :)  So, off I went with my roll of masking tape, my Jet Black Staz-On ink and the En Francais background stamp...and the rest is history :)  Here is a video to show you how I made this card.  I hope you like it!

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Lorraine said...

Great video Michelle. I would not have thought to use masking tape that way. Very clever. And I'm with you about the make-up. Just chapstick for me and casual work clothes. Sometimes it's hard to get comfort without frumpy, but it has to be comfortable first.