Monday, May 23, 2011

Embossing Folder Candle Wax Resist Video!!!!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  There Is So Much Going On Under The Surface That We Cannot See!
It's that time of year here again!  The warmer weather is arriving and with it, the promise of a new garden filled with healthy, homegrown vegetables!  We finally planted all our seeds this past week and the rain decided to show up and help the little seeds out!  I love walking outside and staring at the fresh dirt wondering when I will begin to see the tiny seedlings break through!  I know there is so much going on under the ground that I cannot see!  The same is true for the people around us and for ourselves.  What we often see and focus on is the surface.  Sometimes we fail to recognize that for them and for us there is so much going on under the surface that we cannot see.  Next time you find yourself ready to release your anger on them or ready to react, step back and wonder to yourself what might be going on for them, under the surface.  Just like you, they are deeper than what we see.  Shifting your perspective  might help you release the need to react as strongly and may change the way you relate to the person in front of you.
Today's card uses the wax candle resist technique from last week.  This time, however, I chose to use an embossing folder instead of the texturz plate to show you another way to achieve this beautiful effect.  Here is a video to show you how!  Enjoy!

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